EHR Connectivity

1up’s Population Connect product family includes EHR Connectivity, which provides a single set of tools and processes to manage access to clinical data across the providers and Electronic Health Record vendors (EHRs) that are critical to your business. You can use EHR Connectivity’s single connection mechanism to replace the many manual channels you use today to get your patients’ clinical records: phone, fax, email, on-site chart review, multiple third-party vendors, HIEs, and your own EHR integrations.

EHR Connectivity integrates with your provider sites using the FHIR® APIs for each EHR. It includes tools that you can use to identify a set of patients whose clinical records you need, and enable a recurring schedule of imports to the 1upHealth FHIR Server to keep the records for those patients current.

Clinical data that’s imported to the 1up FHIR Server is consolidated in a single repository and has a consistent structure and format, regardless of the source. Unlike records that you acquire through manual channels, data in the 1up FHIR Server is always available through a consistent set of access mechanisms, so that you can visualize it in your analytics tools and use it to make decisions that improve financial and health outcomes.

You can learn more about provider connections, supported FHIR resources, and how to manage your roster of patients in the following topics.

Connect to Providers

Learn about provider connections and the FHIR resources supported by each provider.

Manage Patient Rosters & Schedule Imports

Learn how to create a list of patients to include in your patient roster, and work with 1up to schedule roster imports to the 1up FHIR Server.