Third-Party Applications

The following consumer health applications have been approved by 1upHealth and granted access to the 1upHealth Health Plan Patient Access API endpoints. The approved list of third-party applications includes apps for patients, providers, and payers.


b.Well logo

b.well is a subscription-based service for employers, health plans, and health systems that enables the digital transformation of healthcare data. b.well consolidates data from various sources in real-time and pushes it directly to third-party vendors to deliver a seamless, unified data experience that enables consumers to act on insights and get the care they need.

The b.well platform has 60,000 consumer-mediated data connections, which include payer and provider APIs, HINs, connected devices and wearables, labs, and pharmacies.

Best for:

  • Maximum data connectivity

  • Growing, evolving organizations


  • Subscription-based service

  • Serves employers, health plans, and health systems

  • Customized to your business needs

  • Scalable

  • Integrates with your current systems and third-party devices

  • Enables employers to assess and evaluate employee engagement across various program initiatives

  • Provides real-time insights into population trends, quality gaps, and member engagement

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myFHR by CareEvolution

CareEvolution myFHR logo

You can use myFHR™ to get up to four years of your healthcare data as electronic health records from participating providers. This includes your physicians, hospitals or emergency departments, and Medicare or other insurance companies. With myFHR, you can see all of your health information—medications, procedures, allergies, diagnoses, lab results, and appointments—in one place.

myFHR is approved by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) BlueButton 2.0 initiative.

Best for:

  • Payers focused on compliance

  • Payers with a large population of Medicare subscribers


  • Free application for individual users

  • Enables users to obtain their electronic health records

  • Stores both personal and family records in one place

  • Flexible and decentralized methods of data collection

  • Attractive to Medicare members

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Flexpa logo

Flexpa is a digital health application that allows users to access, manage, and provision access to their medical records.

Flexpa offers simple and easy connections to your patients' claims data, which enables use cases across healthcare, benefits, and fintech. Flexpa’s most differentiated feature is its clean, timely identification of claims data from insurers.

Use cases for Flexpa include bill negotiation and financial assistance, clinical trial planning and execution, claims synchronization, ICHRA administration and management insights, Medicare enrollment assistance, and value-based care insights.

Best for:

  • Getting billing and claims data, analytics, and insights

  • Getting real-time updates


  • Single-source integration gateway to patient health data, with 200+ integrated health plans

  • Enhances Medicare advising, offering personalized plan optimization, member retention, and enriched member portals with broker software

  • Synchronizes user claims for real-time updates, enhanced care coordination, and more

  • Gets data from large systems, including Anthem, Kaiser Permanente, and Healthfirst

  • Transparent pricing and implementation models

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Health X Change

Health X Change logo

Health X Change includes these components: a patient platform, X-token, and a pharmaceutical platform. Health X Change X-tokens are funded by their profits from R&D and marketing partnerships with healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.

The Health X Change platform encourages patients to share their healthcare data by providing X-tokens as compensation, and allows patients and pharmaceutical and health companies to interact in a mutually beneficial agreement. Patients get access to a central source for all their data and receive X-tokens.

Best for:

  • Providers, payers, and companies seeking to encourage data sharing from their consumer base

  • Organizations focused on research and technology advancement


  • Patients can collate their health data and share with research organizations for compensation

  • Patients can get value from their health data as X-tokens, securely and privately

  • Pharmaceutical companies can get health data to analyze for use cases that include algorithm development, real-world evidence studies, and R&D efforts

  • Healthcare providers can make clinical decisions using data from the platform to better treat patients

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mPowered logo

Mpowered Health connects patients with healthcare enterprises. Mpowered provides patients the ability to manage their healthcare data solutions and improves transparency, choice, access, and convenience. Patients can use the Mpowered Health application to aggregate their healthcare data from many providers and payers.

Available for Gainwell Kansas only.


  • Providers and payers can contact, acquire, transact with, and retain their target consumers (patients)

  • Patients can share and consolidate their health care records, shop for services, and manage their health care

  • 1000+ connections to healthcare organizations including aetna, Cigna, UHC, Kaiser, Humana, Anthem, Molina, and various Blue plans Health

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One Record logo

OneRecord enables patients to access, aggregate, and consolidate their healthcare data, and end the frustrating search for healthcare information. You can get OneRecord from the App Store, the Apple App Store, and Google Play store, or at

OneRecord supports the requirements of the 21st Century Cures Act’s Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule (CMS-9115-F) so healthcare professionals can focus less on routing information and more on patient care.

Best for:

  • Patients who want to consolidate and access their healthcare data

  • Providers who want a fast, secure, easy-to-access healthcare data repository


  • Applications for iPhone, Android, and most web browsers

  • More than 365 connected health systems

  • Aggregates data into a single, consolidated health record for easy access and review of health history

  • Organizes health information for individuals and their families in one, secure place app (Apple App Store)OneRecord developer

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ReimburseRPM logo

ReimburseRPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) facilitates and streamlines the reimbursement process for healthcare providers that provide remote patient monitoring services. The ReimburseRPM application simplifies the administrative tasks associated with RPM, and helps to make sure that healthcare providers are appropriately compensated for their remote monitoring services, and improves the overall patient care experience.

ReimburseRPM’s devices monitor patient vitals (weight, blood pressure, and glucose) from the patient’s home. They provide everything you need to monitor patients using internet-connected smart devices. They also provide state-of-the-art technology and AI-powered analytics. ReimburseRPM also manages billing and maximizes reimbursements for your RPM program, which makes the process nearly effortless.

Available for Providers with remote patient monitoring programs.


  • Remote patient monitoring devices and services

  • Facilitation of RPM reimbursement for providers

  • Streamlines billing and payment for providers Patient

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Wisely Health

Wisely Health logo

Wisely Health helps patients understand their medical bills, and manage their finances and healthcare. Patients can use the Wisely Health tool to learn more about pricing for their healthcare and to help them navigate the negotiation process for payment of surprise medical bills.

Best for patients who need help with medical billing errors.


  • Learn about typical pricing for medical care

  • Determine if you qualify for discounted or free care

    Learn how to dispute a billing error and get help with the process Health

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