About 1upHealth

At 1upHealth we’re redefining interoperability and solving healthcare’s toughest data challenges. We’re on a mission to move the industry to a standards-based, cloud-native, API-enabled infrastructure that supports interoperability across the healthcare ecosystem and enables analytics through robust, standardized, and computable clinical and claims datasets.

We’re on a path to spend more per capita on healthcare than any other country in the world, and yet more Americans are sick today than ever before. We’re nursing a sick care system that’s costing us trillions of dollars every year with little measurable improvement in outcomes.

There’s no question the industry needs to find new, creative ways to deliver services, products, and experiences to tackle healthcare’s biggest challenges. 1upHealth entered the healthcare solutions market in 2017 to tackle one of the most pressing challenges—healthcare data.

Our modern interoperability approach is powered by our cloud-based platform and products that help payers, providers, life sciences, and digital health companies unlock the true potential of their data.

We make it easy to acquire, manage, share, and compute data. By enabling key players across the ecosystem to combine clinical and claims data, we make truly powerful analysis and decision-making possible, which in turn delivers better value, lowers costs, and reduces risk.

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About 1upHealth for Developers

Developers can use 1upHealth APIs to create applications that interact with electronic health data including clinical and claims data using the FHIR standard. 1upHealth provides a common RESTful API across 10,000+ health centers within our growing network.

1up‘s API fully supports FHIR® and provides rich programmatic access to electronic medical record data for patients and the companies and institutions who serve them. The available data includes patient demographics, labs, medications, observations, procedures, allergies, and much more. The 1upHealth platform is HIPAA compliant and is used by some of the largest hospital systems.

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