1up Analyze • SQL on FHIR

You can use 1up Analyze to query your FHIR data on the 1up FHIR Platform with the power of SQL and the business intelligence (BI) tools that you're most familiar with.

Though the 1upHealth FHIR API makes it easy for you to operate on individual or bulk FHIR resources, it doesn't include built-in analytics. You can use 1up Analyze with SQL on FHIR to run your analytics, discover insights, and get value from your FHIR data.

You can learn more about SQL on FHIR on Redshift in the following topics.

SQL on FHIR Concepts

Learn about prerequisite concepts for SQL on FHIR, such as resources, resource types, and data mapping.

Connect to SQL on FHIR

Learn how to connect to the 1up SQL on FHIR platform and run queries.

Data Types

Learn about what types of data can be stored in each SQL on FHIR column.

Table & View Definitions

Learn how to use FHIR table and view definitions with your SQL on FHIR data.

Best Practices

Learn about the best practices that we recommend you follow when you write your SQL queries for SQL on FHIR.

Example Queries

Review example queries that you can use to gather common insights about your data.