1up Population Connect

1up Population Connect enables payers, providers, and digital health companies to access clinical data from top Electronic Health Record vendors (EHRs) at the patient population level at regularly scheduled intervals. This helps you to make decisions that improve financial and health outcomes. With 1up Population Connect, you can stop searching for charts and start developing clinical and operational improvements with combined EHR and claims data standardized on FHIR®.

You can use the suite of 1upHealth Population Connect products to ingest patient population data from top EHRs. 1upHealth offers the following data ingestion options to ingest patient data into the 1up FHIR Server and connect to EHRs.

1up Population Connect includes the following features:

  • Regularly scheduled import of EHR data for populations of patients

  • Extensive network with integration with top EHR vendors

  • HL7v2-to-FHIR conversion

  • CCDA-to-FHIR conversion

  • Access to EHR data in FHIR

  • Enterprise-level access

You can learn more about Population Connect and 1up‘s data ingestion options in the following topics.

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