Bulk Data Export (Single Tenant)

This topic is for the single-tenant environment (STE) version of Bulk Data Export. If your implementation is a multi-tenant environment (MTE), see the topics in Bulk Data Export (Multi Tenant).

If you are a 1up customer with a single-tenant environment, you can use the FHIR R4 Bulk Data endpoints and the Export operator ($export) to export data using an asynchronous workflow for an individual patient (user ID), for a group of patients, or for a client ID.

Bulk Data Export operations occur on a continuous basis. After an export job begins, any changes that you make to the data set on the 1up FHIR Server might not be reflected in the exported data. If you import additional data, or delete data from the 1up FHIR Server, those changes might not appear in the exported data.

1up supports FHIR Bulk Data export for FHIR R4 single-tenant environments (STE).

When you export your data at the population level, you can curate and analyze your data across different populations and cohorts, which can help you to make better decisions for your members and patients.

Before you can export your data at the group level, you must create groups for your FHIR Group Resources. After you create the groups, you can export the resources for that group, which includes the Patient and Patient Compartment resources for the patients in the group.

For Bulk Data Exports at the user ID, client ID, or group level, you can use parameters to filter the data you export.

Export operations don't include FHIR resources that are stored in a shared resource or a shared user environment.

If you're the partner of a 1upHealth customer, you can also export data at the population level. For more information about population-level exports for health plan partners, see Export Population Data.

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