1up FHIR Platform

The 1up FHIR Platform is a future proof, end-to-end managed platform that is optimized for healthcare and simplifies the acquisition, management, sharing, and analyzation of healthcare data by starting with converting all data to the FHIR® format.

Based on the industry standard, the 1up FHIR Platform provides uniform authentication for all services and users. Using our fine-grained, policy-based access control system, you can control who, when, and how individuals can access your data on 1up‘s FHIR Platform. You can also use 1up‘s Provenance resource solutions to unravel the story behind your data. Our data quality and observability tools automate the validation and monitory of your data during the ingestion process.

Using the 1up FHIR Platform, you can build your own 1up FHIR Server instance in minutes. You can then ingest health data into the server and user all of the other 1up products and features to manage, monitor, and analyze that data.

You can learn more about the 1up FHIR Platform features in the following topics.

1up FHIR Server

Learn about the 1up FHIR Server’s benefits and features.

FHIR Server Capability Statement

Learn about the capabilities of the 1up FHIR Server.

FHIR Server Provenance

Learn about Provenance resources on the 1up FHIR Server.

Validate FHIR Resources

Learn how FHIR resources are validated based on the FHIR standard.

Public Data

Learn how public data is populated on the 1up FHIR Server.

FHIR Resource Versions

Learn about FHIR resource versions on the 1up FHIR Platform.