Get Started with 1upHealth

To begin your journey with 1upHealth‘s FHIR Platform, you can review the following topics to learn about FHIR, 1up‘s products and features, how to get access to 1up‘s demo and production environments, and read some frequently asked questions about the 1up FHIR Platform and tools.

Introduction to FHIR

Learn about FHIR R4, the FHIR file format, advantages of FHIR, and a comparison of healthcare data formats.

Quick Start Guide

Learn how to get access to the 1up Developer Console and FHIR Platform.

FHIR Test Credentials

Learn about the test credentials you can use for testing in the 1up Sandbox environment.

Get Production Access

Learn how to get access to the 1up Production environment.

CMS Patient Access Rule

Learn how 1up supports the CMS Patient Access Rule.


Find answers to some common questions about 1upHealth and the 1up FHIR Platform.