1up Patient Connect

You can use 1up Patient Connect to get access to your health data and share it with the payers, providers, and digital health companies that you authorize. This can help you to manage your personal health and access your shared data in native FHIR® format. You can find providers and payers to authorize, authorize their access through a patient portal, and then integrate your health data within minutes.

You can learn more about 1up Patient Connect in the following topics.

Supported Health Systems

Learn about the health plans (payers) and health systems (providers) that 1up supports.

Patient Connect

Learn about 1up‘s Patient Connect application and how to use it to get access to health data.

Patient Connect Audit Events

Learn about the audit events that are available for 1up‘s Patient Connect application.

Patient Connect APIs

Learn how to use the 1up Patient Connect APIs to get access to health data and manage it. You can also review the available endpoints in the 1up Patient Connect API Reference.

Provider Search

Learn about the available endpoints in the 1up Provider Search API Reference.

User Management APIs

Learn about the available endpoints in the 1up User Management API Reference.