What's New at 1upHealth

Here's the latest from 1upHealth on new and updated products and features.

June 12, 2024

CCDA & HL7v2 to FHIR Validation Reports

Learn how to information in the Validation Reports that are generated when your data is ingested and converted from CCDA or HL7v2 format to FHIR format.

May 9, 2024

Patient Viewer  the New Release icon

Patient Viewer is now generally available.

Learn how to use 1up Patient Viewer to verify the quality of your data on the 1up Platform.

Export Population-Level Data

Learn how health plan partners can export population-level data from the 1up FHIR Server.

1up Analyze on Redshift  the New Release icon

1up Analyze on Redshift is now generally available.

All 1upHealth customers can now use SQL on FHIR on the Redshift architecture to query data on the 1up FHIR Server.

Updated Supported Health Systems

Learn which health systems 1upHealth supports for Patient Connect. The list of supported health systems has been updated to refresh system names and remove outdated connections.

Alphabetical Search Results

The Provider Search API and Provider Search tool now return search results in alphabetical order.

Learn more in Provider Search and Patient Connect APIs.

April 4, 2024

Share Data with the 1up Auth App

Learn how health plan members can use the 1up Auth App to share their healthcare data with their health plans.

Auth App in Spanish

Learn how to enable Spanish for the 1up Auth App.

October 30, 2023

EHR Connectivity

Learn how to use the 1up Population Connect EHR Connectivity tools to manage access to clinical data across your providers and EHRs.

HL7v2 to FHIR Data Ingestion

Learn how to convert your HL7v2 data to FHIR for ingestion into the 1up FHIR Server.

CCDA to FHIR Data Ingestion

Learn how to convert your CCDA data to FHIR for ingestion into the 1up FHIR Server.

SQL on FHIR on Redshift

Learn how to use SQL on FHIR (on the new Redshift architecture) to query your FHIR data.

Bulk FHIR Group Export (STE)

Learn how to create groups of your members and export data from the 1up FHIR Server for the group.

Bulk FHIR Data Purge (STE)

Learn how to use the FHIR API Purge operation to asynchronously delete FHIR data from the 1upHealth FHIR Server.

Supported Health Systems

Learn about the health systems that you can connect to with 1upHealth's APIs.